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Dazzling Hair Shimmerz

Add bling to your hair with dazzling silk hair Shimmerz – you’ll look like you have shining strands of dancing light in your hair.

Select from 21 metallic colors including gold, silver, emerald green, indigo, fuchsia, red hot, black, rainbow, and many more. The Shimmerz colors of your choice are carefully and securely tied to individual strands of your own hair. Be as bold or conservative as you desire. Add colors that compliment your hair, colors that stand out boldly, or a variety.

Maintenance-free. Shimmerz require zero care. Plus, you can wash, dry, style, dye, and cut your hair as usual. Shimmerz are not affected by heat, hair dryers, flat irons, dyes, styling or anything else you do to your hair.

Long-Lasting. You can expect to enjoy your Shimmerz for several months – making them very affordable.

Have sensitives? You’ll love Shimmerz. They are meticulously hand tied to your hair without the use of glues or dyes.

Perfect for all ages. Gayle has tied Shimmerz for gals from 2 to 92.

Shimmerz Parties. Gather a group of ladies for a few hours of fun, laughs, and comradery. You and your friends will have fun helping each other select colors and seeing the results. A Shimmerz party is fun anytime – especially a few weeks before a special event. Gayle will bring 21 metallic colors to select from.

Service Area. Have Shimmerz, will travel.  Gayle has taken Shimmerz on the road from Lopez Island to Leavenworth, WA.

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Hair Shimmerz Colors