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Piano Lesson Fees

Piano Lessons are based on a 10-month September through June schedule. There will be some months with 5 lessons, some with 4, and occasionally 3 on your day of the week. There are no lessons on school holidays and breaks.

Monthly lessons include recital, workshops, and masterclasses. Some workshops will include a fee.

Due date: fees are due at the first piano lesson of each month or pay for the whole year in advance.

Late fees: a $10 late fee is added to piano lesson fees paid after the first lesson of each month.

Lesson Fees


30 minute lessons

Best Choice for Beginners

$95.00/month or $950.00/year


45 minute lessons

Recommended for
Older Beginners 

includes more
advanced theory

$135.00/month or $1,350.00/year


60 minute lessons

Perfect for Serious Students
includes wider exposure
to repertoire

$180.00/month or $1,800.00/year


30 minute single lesson


Fees listed above are for piano lessons in Gayle’s Leavenworth studio. Occasionally she may be available to teach in your home; a travel fee will be added.

Multiple Family-Member Discounts

Families who have two or more family members attending piano lessons back-to-back receive a discount for the second and successive piano players in the same family. Example: for a 30-minute lesson, the fee is $95.00 for the first student, $90.00 for the second student, $85.00 for the third, and $80.00 for the fourth and remaining family member for back-to-back lessons. Ask Gayle for details.

Single Lesson Fees

If you know you will be gone some weeks out of a month but want to hold your spot, if you give advance notice we can do a single lesson fees for that month.

  • 30-minute lesson: $27 in-studio or via Zoom
  • 45-minute lesson: $37 in-studio or via Zoom
  • 60-minute lesson: $50 in-studio or via Zoom

How to Pay

The easiest way to pay is to tuck a check into the lesson assignment book. If Gayle has added any music charges, she will write it there. She keeps a spreadsheet for the year; let her know if you would like a copy for tax purposes.

We accept payment using Venmo and PayPal transfers – both are free of convenience fees.

Pay by Credit Card using PayPal

For your convenience, you may pay with a credit card at your lesson or pay online using your credit card. A convenience fee of 3% is added to the lesson fee to cover the processing fees charged to us by PayPal.

To avoid processing fees, pay with a check, Venmo, or make a transfer at PayPal (instead of paying with a credit card). Ask us for details.

 Cancelation Policy

If Gayle cancels a piano lesson, she will make it up. If you cancel a piano lesson she will make up if there is an open spot. Please hold the lesson time open as she has reserved that time for you. If there is a schedule change mid-year because of sports or other activities, we may be able to switch with another student, but not guaranteed. If your child is sick or contagious please cancel the lesson.

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