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Piano Lesson Music, Recitals, Holidays and Special Opportunities

Music and Materials for Piano Lessons

Gayle purchases all piano music and supplies needed and will bill you for them. Gayle may loan materials to you or your child without charge if you return them in good condition when no longer needed. She will gladly accept used materials and sheet music to pass along to other students. Gayle may make a copy of music for use in a piano lesson, but if the piece is to be performed at school or church, we require that it be purchased, modeling good copyright practices.

Piano Recitals

We hold at least one student recital at no extra charge. The skill of performance adds another layer to becoming a musician, boosting confidence, overcoming obstacles, knowing one’s strengths and limitations – all valuable life skills. Gayle chooses appropriate music from original compositions for the best chance of success. Each child plays two pieces from memory.  We have a social gathering afterwards, with big sighs of relief. Participation is highly recommended. If student is not prepared or not ready psychologically to perform, Gayle encourages them to be an audience member with their family.


Lessons follow the school calendar for breaks; there are no piano lessons during school breaks. If there hasn’t been a good record of practice the student may need to use some vacation time to catch up; but a hard-working student may need to take a break.

Special Events and Piano Play Shops

Occasionally Gayle offers specialty sessions for selected interested students. For example, we can hold Piano Duet play shops one Friday per month. The fee will be announced or may be part of the monthly fee.

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