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Mystic Oil

The recipe for Mystic Oil was given to Gayle 35 years ago by a healer for her infant’s son’s illness. Gayle took her son off all the medications the doctor had prescribed and followed the healer’s protocol. He got better immediately.

Through the years, as we used it for immediate family and friends’ physical issues, everyone just called it “Magic Oil.” Over the years Mystic Oil was tried for many conditions and has proven to be most effective when used for the following:

  • Rubbing it on the chest and throat for colds and respiratory ailments
  • Using it for sore muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Especially helpful when applied to arthritic areas

Mystic Oil is a blend of seven organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils. This proprietary formula has a menthol invigorating component that creates a gentle heat as it quickly absorbs into the skin.

Potent, one ounce of Mystic Oil, used properly, should last a few months.

Ingredients: cajaput, eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, rosemary, sage and spruce in a hazelnut carrier oil.

Quality: essential oils vary in quality; Mystic Oil is made using only the finest quality essential oils. When the right quality of oils is blended together in the correct manner, the Mystic Oil “magic” can be experienced by everyone who uses the creation.


$18.50 per one-ounce bottle
$15.00 per bottle when you buy 5 – 10 bottles – save $3.50 per bottle
$12.50 per bottle when you buy 11 – 15 bottles – save $6.00 per bottle

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