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Custom Hand Knitting

Have you seen a picture of a great sweater, hat, vest, or shawl, but it wasn’t quite right for your taste, or perhaps you liked the shape but not the colors or the pattern? Now you can get custom-fitted knitted products for you or your loved ones.

We often use cashmere and may include a thread of silk, alpaca, or wool to add strength and color depth. The custom baby blankets pictured below are made of organic, washable, cloud-soft cotton. We have sources for a wide variety of high-quality natural fibers.

Getting started is easy. Contact Gayle for a brief consultation about what you want – color, pattern, exact size, and type of high-quality natural fibers. Gayle will get back to you with the completion date for your garment and the fee.

These are just a few of the fabulous products Gayle has hand knit over the years.

Gayle taught herself to knit at age 16 and has delighted in knitting ever since. For Gayle, the rhythmic movements, the feel of natural fibers coursing through her fingers, and the subtle inner chant of counting the pattern stiches makes knitting a wonderful meditation. Plus, of course, the joy of creating something as wonderful to wear as it is to look at – custom made with feel-good natural fibers.

Contact Gayle today for more information and to order a custom, hand knit garment.